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imageBorn in August of 2001 as a PK (pastors kid), Eliya moved with her family as missionaries to Ireland, becoming a MK (missionary kid) at the age of two. Living with her six media-eccentric siblings plunged her into drama and the arts at a very young age; being involved in numerous homemade plays, radio and dramas, for as long as she can remember. 

Moving back to the States in 2007, she now lives at her family's hobby farm in the mid-west where her father pastors a church. Enjoying the 'country life' to the fullest and considered the "Spartan in pink" by those who know her.

Being a born again follower of Jesus Christ, Eliya's number one desire in life is to follow and honor her Lord and Savior in whatever He has in store for her future. She is currently continuing her education at home while participating in various film projects in between.

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